Safety and Quality

Your safety is our peace of mind

  • Insurance ceilings above the minimum required by law 32,500,000.00 euros
    Insured and followed up for decades with the ZURICH : Agency Media Srl - Repubblica San Marino - Borgo Maggiore - www.agenziazurich.it

  • Mechanical maintenance of vehicles aimed at preventing breakdowns
    In general, we only intervene on the vehicles once the breakdown has occurred, we try to prevent this phase as much as possible, taking advantage of the collaboration of the driver staff with that of the staff of our garage. In fact, most of the time having a good ear and a good perception manages to avoid breakdowns which generally cause unpleasant inconveniences for the customer.

  • Careful, frequent, accurate and thorough internal cleaning of vehicles
    To declare a vehicle clean, it is not enough to see it shiny on the outside, it is in depth and in hidden places that action must be taken. Where dust and mites lurk, maintenance must be done with the replacement of anti-dust filters, cleaning of radiators and air ducts. This requires time and money that must be invested in customer safety.

  • Research and training of driver personnel to ensure safe performance in all circumstances and situations
    Here it can truly be said that a driving license is not enough to be a good driver, training, attitudes and character are needed to best carry out this difficult profession. Years of experience are needed and, as in all jobs, you never stop learning, especially now that the latest generation vehicles, due to their complexity, would require an engineering degree.

  • Internal organization of the booking office which guarantees reliability for every single request and requirement of the customer.
    Several people are dedicated to this role. It is not at all easy to coordinate all the innumerable daily services and make all customer requests coincide simultaneously with the technical needs of the vehicles, the provisions of the highway code and the work shifts of the drivers. We get help from an excellent "Busstop" management information system, but the heart of everything remains the application and experience of our staff.

  • Attentive and professional administrative office that will help the customer to follow the entire file throughout the administrative process.
    It won't be decisive for the success of the coach trip, but the client who organizes certainly knows what it means to have an efficient administrative office.
  • Setting up the practice well from the beginning, following it and completing it is an increasingly complex process that only experienced people can do with confidence.

Only from these few indications can it be noted that in F.lli Benedettini S.p.a. several people are busy with their work to ensure that our customer remains safe in every operational phase and that he can find full satisfaction.