School Service

San Marino - Riccione

We serve the following educational institutions:

  • State High School " A. Volta - F. Fellini" viale Piacenza 28 47838 Riccione
  • hotel management School Savioli Viale Piacenza 35 47838 Riccione

San Marino

On behalf of the State Company for Public Services of the Republic of San Marino, we carry out various school services within the Republic itself, connecting the territory to the elementary, middle and high school complexes.

To perform these services, F.lli Benedettini S.p.a. together with 8 other San Marino companies, in 2007 they formed a Temporary Business Association (ATI) where F.lli Benedettini S.p.a. figure as Group Leader.
Since then we have participated in tenders in the Association (ATI) and the services are carried out with extreme regularity and efficiency.